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linkedin WordPress assessment answers

Q1. In WordPress, what is the Loop used to do?

Q2.Who owns the trademark for WordPress and WordCamp names and logos?

Q3. What is the name of the open-source project that serves as a bug tracker and project management tool for WordPress?

Q4. The REST API is a simple way to get data in and out of WordPress over HTTP. Applications using the REST API should be written in which programming language?

Q5. How many minutes does it take to install WordPress according to the “Famous X-Minute Installation” instructions on

Q6. In WordPress, what is true of plugins?

Q7. Akismet is a plugin that comes automatically installed with WordPress. What does it do?

Q8. What would you do to improve your site’s performance?

Q9. The REST API utilizes which data format?

Q11. Theme developers can take advantage of the Customizer API to give users a way to manipulate basic theme settings. The Customizer API is object-oriented and provides four main objects. What are they?

Q12. Which WordPress setting would you use to make page URLs look like instead of the default

Q13. In WordPress, what is the block editor used for?

Q14. Which of the following file types is NOT involved in translating WordPress?

Q15. What is the default priority for an action hook or filter?

Q16. What’s the primary difference between template tags prefaced with the* versus get_the*?

Q17. WP_Query is the WordPress query class that is used to fetch posts from the database. How would you create a new instance of this class?

Q18. What is a user role that is unique to WordPress Multisite?

Q19. Within the editor, blocks are rendered as JavaScript. How are blocks rendered on the front end of a site?

Q20. Which of these is NOT a part of the internationalization and localization process?

1. The REST API provides public data, which is accessible to any client anonymously, as well as private data available only after authentication. How could you ensure that no one can anonymously access site data via the REST API?

Q22. Which of these snippets represents a wrapper that calls jQuery safely and doesn’t require repetitive use of the word “jQuery”?

// do stuff
(function($) {
// do stuff
})( jQuery );
$(function() {
// do stuff
jQuery(function($) {
// do stuff

Q23. What is the correct order of parameters for the add_action() function?

Q24. You have a search bar on your site. You would like to use a  to make the word “Search” visible to screen readers, but you don’t want to display the word “Search” on the screen. How can you accomplish this?

Q25. You might see this code in a WordPress plugin. What does it do?

if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) {

Q26. Which is a best practice for working with WordPress CSS?

Q27. WordPress is translated, at least partially, in more than 200 locales. If you wanted to help translate WordPress into other languages, which contributor group would you join?

Q28. What is the difference between an action and a filter?

Q29. If you activate or update a plugin and it breaks your site so that you cannot manage it via wp-admin, how can you disable the plugin?

Q30. The WordPress REST API is designed to receive and respond to particular types of requests using basic HTML methods. For example, a request to upload a PHP file into a particular folder on a server might look like the code POST /folder/_file.php. Based on this code, what would you call /folder/_file.php (in REST API terms)?

Q31. Which WP-CLI command would you use to manage the capabilities of a user role?

Q32. What technique would you use to secure data before rendering it to a user?

Q33. If your WordPress site is seriously compromised, what is the best course of action to return your site to good health?

Q34. If you wanted to register a custom post type, which hook would you use?

Q35. What is the role of a WordPress theme?

Q36. What is the name of the open-sourse project that serves as a bug tracker and project management tool for WordPress?

Q37. What is a user role that is unique to WordPress Multisite?

Q38. How would you write a text string containing “Hello World!” in a way that makes it possible for someone else to translate the string into a different language?

Q39. What is the core mission of WordPress?

Q40. Which of the following is NOT a suggested security improvement for your WordPress website?

Q41. What’s the primary difference between template tags prefaced with the* versus get_the*?

Q42. How can you add a custom script that needs to run only on the contact page of a site? The slug of the page is contact.

Link to the script directly from a template named page-contact.php using the get_header() template tag, like this:
get_header( '' );
Use functions.php to conditionally load the script by hooking it to wp_enqueue_scripts(), like this:
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'load_scripts' );
function load_scripts() {
    if ( is_page( 'contact' ) ) {
    echo '';
Use functions.php to conditionally load the script by hooking it to wp_enqueue_scripts(), like this:
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'load_scripts' );
    function load_scripts() {
        if ( is_page( 'contact' ) ) {
        wp_enqueue_script( 'script', get_template_directory_uri() . '/script.js' );

Q43. Where can you find the official WordPress documentation and usage guide?

Q44. How would you use CSS to ensure your theme was mobile responsive?

Q45. The Block API enables developers to register custom blocks in themes or plugins. How would you register a custom block?

Q46. Which software development principle, often used in WordPress, aims to reduce the repetition of code?

Q47. In a standard template file, how often does the WordPress Loop run?

Q48. Which is not a suggested performance improvement for your WordPress website?

Q49. On a regular WordPress install, what is the difference between transients and the object cache?

Q50. For the majority of modern themes, what is the standart method used to customize various details of site appearance and features, such as changing the site description or adding a logo and favicons?

Q51. You can harden your WordPress site security by adding ____ to your wp-config.php file?

Q52. According to WordPress PHP coding standards for inline comments, how would you write a single-line comment in a PHP document?

Q53. If you have pretty permalinks enabled on a WordPress site, the REST API index is exposed by appending what to the end of the site URL? (for example, Note that the index provides information regarding which routes are available for that particular WordPress install.

Q54. What is the process of marking the code you write so that it is ready for translation?

Q55. In your wp-config.php file, you’ve added the following line of code. What does it do?

define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true );

Linkedin WordPress Assessment Answers​
Linkedin WordPress Assessment Answers​

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LinkedIn Skill Assessment Answers​

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